The Route

The Humber Bridge Half Marathon starts on the bridge approach, with an initial slight climb followed by a downhill section to Barrow Lane.

A left turn and a slight rise takes runners through a relatively flat section before turning left at Swanland Road, past the 1-mile marker and then left again up Boothferry Road.

Now on a slight rise until reaching the Humber Bridge roundabout, another left takes runners on to the flat approach road, past the first water station and on through the tollgates to the 2 mile marker, and on to the bridge itself.

The outward run takes place on the main carriageway and the 3 mile point is reached just as competitors approach the centre of the main span (that’s the time to try and take in the view!)

From there the road goes slightly downhill until the 4 mile marker, where a steady climb up to the Barton roundabout and the second drinks station leads to a downhill section, past the 5 mile post, through the town of Barton. Here there is a special sports drinks station near to the Co-op store.

After passing through the marketplace, the road begins another steady climb past the 6 mile mark, with a turning left bringing a welcome downhill section on Falklands Way.

The midpoint, and another drink station, is reached just before the bottom of the hill and the course then swings left past the 7 mile post and right along Butts Road and into a long flat section of the course.

Shortly after the railway station the course swings left along Far Ings Road, past the 8 mile mark, and another water station under the bridge, and on towards the bottom of Gravel Pit Road.

This is the toughest challenge on the course – labelled "Cardiac Hill" by many - a 1 mile climb, past the 9 mile post. Half way up the hill a further water and sponge station is located, and St John Ambulance are stationed here just in case of difficulty.

On reaching the top, after a false horizon, the road then swings left down towards the Barton roundabout again, and shortly after passing the 10 mile mark, runners swing down towards the bridge, with a last water station reached just before the bridge itself.

The 11 mile mark is passed as runners begin the climb over the approach to the bridge, with this section always very deceptive.

The bridge is not flat and the rise towards the centre span is a testing part of the course, coming as it does near the end of the race.

Just past the centre of the main span the 12 mile mark is reached, and from then on it is all downhill, leaving the bridge and back down towards the main assembly area and finish point.

Shortly after the 13 mile mark its turns hard left, followed by a U-turn, leading to the finishing run in, the applause and relief that it is all over!

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Charity Corner

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