The Preparation


  • Split the distance into 2 x 5 miles and a 5k at the end. After 10 miles it’ll start to get quite hard.
  • If it's your first half marathon then it is a good idea to run the distance before race day (at least 3 weeks before the actual race though) so you have the confidence you'll finish. That said, if you haven't managed to get that many long runs in, I think you can complete a half marathon having only run up to 8 miles in training. The other 5 are taken care of by race day excitement/nerves.
  • When it starts getting tough, repeat: “Winners don't quit; Quitters don't win.” Forget how far you've gone or how far you still have to go, just run one mile at a time.
  • When you can see the finish, sprint!
  • Most of all make sure you enjoy it - you chose to do it!!

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Charity Corner

Hudgell Solicitors

Hudgell Solicitors - Hull

Hudgell Solicitors are proud to be sponsoring the Humber Bridge Half Marathon until 2018...

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Rotary Club of - Hull

The Rotary Club is delighted that for the 2018 Humber Bridge Half Marathon we are again ...

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The HEY Smile Foundation has worked in partnership with the Rotary Club of Hull on the H...

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