Thank you for volunteering to assist with this event!

Objectives of the event:

  • To ensure the successful and safe completion by all competitors in the Humber Bridge Half Marathon and Fun Run
  • To ensure the safety and enjoyment of spectators
  • To ensure the safety of other road users; and
  • To guarantee future success of the event through excellent administration and organisation

This year, as last year, the Half Marathon will start at 09.00 am and the Fun Run at approximately 09.15 am, both from the usual starting place on Ferriby Road, Hessle. North Bank Marshals should therefore be in position by 08.30 to supervise both races. South Bank Marshals will be given a time to be at their location by Mark Ding. Car Parking Marshals are asked to be in position by 07.00am for a briefing by John Morris.

Please ensure you are aware of the route of the race (copy attached). Familiarise yourself with your location if you do not already know it. Ferriby Road, Barrow Lane, Heads Lane and Swanland Road will be closed along the route for the duration of the early stages of the races and ideally no traffic should enter the race route until all runners have passed safely through. All homes have been leafleted and public notices issued.

It is your responsibility to keep traffic stopped for as long as runners are passing your junction. You have no official powers to prevent the passage of traffic, although at some critical locations there are temporary road closures in place (see above). Please use your charm and persuasion as necessary. If motorists insist on proceeding onto roads which are officially closed i.e. if runners are still on the route, take the number of the vehicle and report it to the Chief Marshall or any other race official who will try to deal with the situation. Mobile Marshalls will be patrolling the route constantly and are there to help you.

Safety of the runners, spectators and public is of paramount importance. Hull Rotary Club and the Humberside Police will support everyone acting in that interest. The Safety Officer is available for advice on any aspect of safety on 07802 872102.

If there are any special instructions relating to your location, these will be given to you on the day. A mobile marshal will visit you in your location before the start of the race. Please wear your high visibility tabard throughout the event and return it at the end of the race to the Marshals RV point located near to the finish line area at the late entries tent.

You can collect your tabard on the day of the race at the entrance to the Humber Bridge car park, Ferriby Road or I will be at the main Humber Bridge car park on Sunday 24th June 2018 – 9am and you can collect it then. If you have a mobile telephone, please bring it with you. The telephone number for Race Control is 07810 080906. These numbers should only be contacted in the event of an emergency. For non-urgent queries, you should attract the attention of a mobile marshal, who will be patrolling your section of the course regularly.

In addition, some marshals in key locations will be in direct radio contact with Race Control. St. John’s Ambulance personnel will be located at regular intervals around the course. St. John’s Control Room number is 816043. Potential problems that may impact on competitor safety are regarded as an “emergency” and should be reported to Race Control immediately. In the event of a runner dropping out of the race through heat or any other emergency, please make a note of:

  • their race number
  • if they are conscious or not
  • breathing or not
  • what injuries they have
  • an accurate location
  • the approximate age and the gender of the runner

and pass it to a mobile marshal or race control as soon as possible. St Johns Ambulance staff will be alerted to attend. If any of the runners appear in a distressed state but insist on continuing, advise them to stop and pass details to Race Control, or speak directly with the Safety Officer.

All runners have been instructed to keep to the left-hand side of the road and obey the instructions of marshals. In the event of an infringement, a note should be taken of the competitor’s number and the incident reported to Race Control at the conclusion of the event.

After all the runners have passed your position and it is safe to do so, you can stand down and return to the Marshall RV point where you may be directed to another location or you can hand the tabard in if you’ve finished. In the interests of safety, please wait in position until all runners including the fun run have gone through your location. A direction has been given by UK Athletics that runners cannot wear headphones. In this race, as the majority of it is on roads that are not closed headphones will not be permitted. This is for the safety of the runners and if you see anyone wearing them please make a note of their number and report it to Race Control once you’ve finished at your location.

During the event please can you be vigilant at all times and if you see anyone acting suspiciously or any items you feel should not be abandoned at a location, please report this immediately to Race Control. We anticipate that the event will once again raise a large amount of money for local and national causes so thank you so much for getting involved and helping make it a safe and happy event.

Click here to download and Print Marshals Instructions

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