The Preparation


  • Get a good quality pair of running shoes. Shoes designed for runners serve two main purposes, they protect you from injury by absorbing the impact on your feet and body and they maximise forward speed by providing traction to grip the ground well.
  • If you can afford it go to a specialist running shop you can get advice on the best running shoes for your running style. If you can’t afford that, then do plenty of research and see if you can find the right shoes for you online. You’ll often find online that last season’s shoes are cheaper than the current model. You can also pick up a bargain in general sports shops.
  • You don’t necessarily need expensive running gear, you can buy shorts, vests, T-shirts and tights from for a reasonable price. However, make sure you wear your race-day outfit a few times before the race to ensure that it isn’t uncomfortable or causing chafing. Remember that you’re not attending a party so it doesn’t matter if someone has already seen you in that outfit!!

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Charity Corner

Charity Corner

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Hudgell Solicitors - Hull

Hudgell Solicitors are proud to be sponsoring the Humber Bridge Half Marathon until 2018...

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Rotary Club of - Hull

The Rotary Club is delighted that for the 2018 Humber Bridge Half Marathon we are again ...

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